Don’t Forget to Shovel!

Meteorologists are predicting substantial snow this weekend for the St. Louis area. We remind you to keep your sidewalk free of ice and snow during winter weather. Although it is tempting to stay inside where it is warm, there are legal consequences to not clearing snow and ice.

When snow isn’t cleared, it can become packed down, or melt and re-freeze, both of which result in ice. Despite the weather, people will be still be out, walking on your sidewalk or driveway. There are mailmen, neighbors, kids going sledding, and people like me, who have a dog who requires 2 walks a day, no exceptions. If one of these people slips and falls while on your property due to your negligence, you are at fault and liable for any injuries.

County and municipal offices note that you should not shovel snow into the street. The snow plows will come and throw it back into your yard, driveway, or sidewalk. Due to treatment, that snow could be partially melted and re-freeze. The best place for your extra snow is your yard.

Aside from potential liability, many counties and municipalities also have ordinances requiring you to shovel public sidewalks on your property. Failure to abide by these could result in fines or a summons before your municipal court.

Keep your homeowner’s insurance (and your wallet) happy by salting and shoveling this winter. We hope everyone stays safe and warm!